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Am I eligible?

If you:

  • are currently employed on a dairy farm in a permanent full time position, and remain so
    until the conclusion of your regional judging
  • have no equity in any dairy farming business and are not self-employed
  • do not meet the Conditions of Entry for Dairy Trainee or Share Farmer of the Year
  • are a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand resident at close of entries and meet the additional eligibility criteria as set out in the pdfConditions of Entry (pdf 441KB) . . .

Then you can enter this competition!

If you are unsure which competition you can enter, take a look at our Competition Reference Chart. If you are still unsure, then use our Contact page to get in touch outlining your circumstance. 

How do I enter?

  • Fill out an Entry Form on this website during the entry open period.
  • To complete your entry, we require the Farm Owner's and Employer's permission (if they are different people). If you supply an email address, permission can be obtained electronically or alternatively, in printed form if they do not have an email address.
  • When permission has been given, you will receive an email from the NZDIA with details on how to access the 'entrant only' part of our website.  Here you will find more information about the competition including Tips for Judging.

What about Judging?

  • Judging will be held through the months of January, February and March. Check your regional dates to make sure you will be around and not sunning yourself on the beach! Closer to your region's judging dates, you will receive your specific judging date and time.
  • Judging takes place on farm, and is 1 ½ hours. There will be a preliminary round of judging, with five entrants progressing to the final round of judging.
  • The judges in your competition are experienced in the field of farming and want to know about you and your farming career. Watch our video 'Competition Journey' which gives an insight into judging.

  • Entrants receive a written Feedback Report from their judges, with finalists receiving a report from each of their judging rounds.
  • Regional Winners then progress to the National Final and in May of each year, they are judged by a national judging team to determine the national winner and placegetters.

Judging Criteria

  • The judging covers the topics outlined on the wheel below, all of which you will be familiar with in your everyday farming life. Once entered, there will be more information about your competition.

Other information