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DairyBase is a web-based package that records and reports standardised dairy farm business information and is used for the analysis of financial accounts in the Share Farmer of the Year Competition. If you are unfamiliar with DairyBase, take a look at their website – dairybase.co.nz

The DairyBase team will be contacting all our Share Farmer of the Year entrants to assist with getting reports completed by the due date. If you have not been contacted by them shortly after your entry, and wish to get the ball rolling, use the contact details below to get in touch with them.

The DairyBase team will assist you to get registered https://www.dairynz.co.nz/business/dairybase/join-dairybase (if you aren’t already) and discuss with you the process for completing the required physical information to be entered along with the financial data. Once registered, you will receive a Username and password to access their site.

If you are already registered with DairyBase, please contact your Accredited Rural Professional (accountant or consultant) and let them know that you require the analysis to be done ASAP. Ensure you have completed the Level 1 Physical Questionnaire and returned it to your Accredited Rural Professional so it can be entered along with the financial information. You may wish to also complete the Level 2 Physical Questionnaire which will add to your understanding of your business, but this is not a requirement of the competition.

There will be a cost to have financial accounts processed into the DairyBase report that will be charged to you by your Accountant. Once your data has been entered, you will be able to access the report we require to be submitted.

Important Points

  • If you are in your first year of a contract, you may be unable to complete a DairyBase analysis. Instead, you need only provide a budget and cashflow for the 2020/2021season. DairyNZ have some great tools available on their website, dairynz.co.nz relating to budgets and cashflows.
  • The responsibility for completing a DairyBase analysis lies with the entrant. It is not an onerous task and can provide you with some very useful information for your business.
  • Having your financial accounts completed is the most urgent priority. Once they are done, a DairyBase analysis can be completed. By mid-December, your accountancy practice will be winding down for the holidays, so if you are too slow off the mark you will be unlikely to meet the due date for submitting financial and DairyBase reports to the NZDIA.
  • The DairyBase team will also be closed over the Christmas/New Year break.
  • You can still continue with your entry in the competition if you choose not to complete a DairyBase analysis. If you have an alternate analysis system already in place or another reason why you have not completed DairyBase, ensure you explain this to your judges.
  • Please do not send your DairyBase info to the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards by post, it must be uploaded electronically to this site using the link in your website login. 

Should you have any questions or need some help, the friendly team at DairyBase is happy to take your calls or communication by e-mail.

Contact Details

Phone: 07 858 3890
Subject Title: NZDIA - DairyBase Information Required