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14th July

What is the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race?

The Clipper RTW comprises a fleet of 12 seventy foot ocean going racing yachts, each with a professional skipper and a 22 person crew of ordinary people who race 40 000 nautical miles circumnavigating the planet.

Around 40% of the crew, like me, have never sailed before. But we're trusting that the comprehensive four weeks of training will give us the skills to face whatever Mother Nature dishes up as we cross the World's great oceans!

The full race takes 11 months, but I've opted to do half the race, around 18000 nm, or 33 000km. Starting on 20th of August from Liverpool, the race will take me from the UK to Uruguay in South America, Uruguay to Cape Town, Cape Town to Western Australia, then to Sydney and on Boxing Day 2017 we take part in the iconic Sydney Hobart race.

Conditions will be extreme, from violent storms in the Southern Ocean through the exhaustion of racing 24 x 7 with 4 hour shifts for weeks on end, cooped up in a boat with 22 people I don't yet know. I can't wait!

For more information and real time updates (once the race has started) view the clipper web site


clipper yacht II